Topology Optimization

The methods of topology optimization have been developed for economic reasons – minimizing the material input for structural systems.

Today, engineers as well as architects refer to the mathematical descriptions of the „Michell Truss“, giving us a geometric idea of developing load paths within a given design space and with optimized use of material.

In the transportation industries it is obvious to construct with the least possible material for economic reasons. On the other hand, structures for architecture are not „in motion“, therefore traditionally the material input has been disregarded.

However, as soon as we consider the life cycle of buildings, we realize that there is also material „in motion“ – except that we are talking about different life cycles. Topology optimization describes the optimal distribution of material within a given design space. The word is derived from the Greek words „Topos“ and „Logos“.

Today, these digital tools are available for our work in order to develop optimized structures.