Dissertation – Entwurfsstrategien

„L’ingénieur, inspiré par la loi d’économie et conduit par le calcul, nous met en accord avec les lois de l’univers. Il atteind l’harmonie.“ (Le Corbusier)

This work sets out to look for objective and subjective decisions in the design of structural systems. The postulate is to claim that the design of structural systems is not a purely objective design process, but also subject to personal design decisions. 
For the studies, manifold kinds of structural systems have been analysed and evaluated in terms of their structural performance.

As a result, it was shown that engineers, just like other designers in the field of architecture of product design, have a range of decision-making, giving them the possibility to create their own personal design.
The studies included methods of evaluating structural systems as well as re-designing them using methods of topology optimization – a purely objective algorithm, but yet giving possibilities to steer the design result.