»Hölderlinhaus« Nürtingen

The Hölderlinhaus in Nürtingen has a new look from winter 2019 to winter 2022.

A new „house within a house“ made of modern timber construction in the spatial structure of the 18th century accommodates the museum, event rooms, adult education center and music school. The new internal structure is expressed through orderly facades and a large and sometimes iridescent mansard roof. The Hoelderlinhaus is nearing completion, and the official opening will follow in April 2023.

The reconstruction of the Hoelderlin House in Nuertingen has been a challenge in many ways. Emotionally – rethinking the moments of his life while writing his touching poems. Architecturally – being part of a team building a new heart in the city of Nuertingen, showcasing the author of poems and his life. And structurally – dealing with a tremendous challenge of preservation and reconstruction.

Let’s think of Hoelderlin looking through the windows of his surroundings – and celebrate the fact that we managed to re-construct the „enfilade“ of rooms, the space open yet closed, thus giving space, enclosure and openings – with a new structural system, a hybrid structure of wood and concrete, literally based on existing foundations.